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Academic & Networking Institutions

Women of Will’s objective is to empower disadvantaged women to initiate and eventually run successful and sustainable businesses. Hence, it is insufficient to merely disburse loans but instead, the women need to be developed and groomed to become successful entrepreneurs.

Our collaborative partnerships with academic institutions are essential in helping us deliver training programs which are customized to the needs of the women and their communities. Our collaborative partnerships with business consultants and training organizations are essential in helping us develop appropriate models of business coaching.

Our collaborations :

  • 2009 : Creative Beings Consultancy, an Entrepreneurial Development Consultancy, to develop a customized model of Business Coaching for the women beneficiaries.
  • 2010 : University Sultan Zainal Abidin (UNISZA) in Terengganu in translating our Entrepreneurship Development Module which was developed based on the International Labour Organization Manual into Bahasa Malaysia.
  • 2010 : Sunway University, Subang Jaya in training our women beneficiaries with the Entrepreneurship Development Program.
  • 2014 : Strategic long term partnership with Brickfields Asia College, Petaling Jaya, in offering our women beneficiaries the Entrepreneurship Development Program.
  • 2015 : Boston Consultanting Group (BCG) on training staff and volunteer business coaches on business coaching techniques. At present, Women of Will’s Business Coaches utilize BCG’s formalized model of Business Tracking and Coaching to both coach and mentor the women, as well as to monitor the women’s business progress.
  • 2016 : initiating discussions with International Training Organization on business coaching opportunities


Skills training is an important component of Women of Will’s Entrepreneurial Development Program. Needs and gaps are assessed, and strategic collaborations called upon to equip the women with the necessary skills.

Our training collaborations :

  • City and Guild : training in the hotel industry to our women refugee beneficiaries
  • Malaysian Airlines Training Department : grooming skills to improve the women’s level of confidence
  • Art of Living Society : Meditation classes and techniques to help our women live more balanced lives
  • Project 57 : retail training and on site experience