connecting children

Getting kids from developed world to assist kids in poor countries.Flickr image by Xatara i xinet.

TECH Outreach has embarked on a new project titled, Bridging Children.

This project aims to connect children from developed countries with those in underdeveloped economies.

The seed for this Project was planted during TECH Outreach’s working visit to Nepal in May 2014.

Bridging Children has two objectives:

1. Equip schools with basic educational needs such as books, stationery, desks and chairs, blackboards, sports items and uniforms

2. To facilitate knowledge transfer by the children from the developed countries on basic “must-have” knowledge such as English Language, Mathematics, Science, Art, Drawing, Painting, Dancing, Games and the like

TECH works with a partner in Nepal to implement this project. This partner has identified 7 schools in Kathmandu. These are listed below together with their respective needs:

  • Hariyali Primary School, Bhiman Korung Khola-85 Students, Bhiman, Sindhuli. 85 students with one set of uniforms, no school shoes, no books, no stationery, no desks and chairs (only benches), no teachers.
  • Shree Jana Jagriti Higher Secondary School, Bhiman, Sindhuli- 800+ students (Class Nursery to 12) the school needs stationery and uniform support for needy children and white board, computer lab too.
  • Triveni Primary School, Dobhan Tar, Bhiman -180 Students, furniture (bench/Desk), cupboardĀ  and stationery and uniform for the needy children.
  • NabaJyoti High School, Gichihani, Hatpate students 600+, it is high school but not compound wall so it is not safety for children during study time and after school too. There is not any computer so school needs computer Lab to teach children and there is not library too, stationery and uniform for the needy children is highly welcomed.
  • Pashupati Primary School, Ghatgaun, Hatpate students 55+ they need desk/bench for children. Now 50 % of children are studying sitting in open ground. They do not have the board, cupboard, chair and table for the office too stationery and uniform for the needy children is highly welcomed. Most of the children in this village are from very low level, untouchable community as well as Majhi and Danuwary community where is not enough land growing the food items.
  • Dhruba Tara Primary School Banka, Hatpate students 100+ Lack of furniture, the school is nears a small river it can cut the school in the raining season which is very risky there so wall or covered in the school is the problems. Stationery and uniform for the needy children is highly welcomed.
  • Janakalyan Higher Secondary school, Baudha Kathmandu, Students 1300+ school is running from Nursery to 12 classes. Here is not sufficient building to teach the children. Science Lab also needed in the school. Stationery and uniform for the needy children is highly welcomed. The above information we had collected contact with the 7 different schools and talking with the head and other teachers.

The success of this Project is dependent on one school in a developed country adopting one of the seven above for a period of 1 to 4 years. Thereafter another school from a developed economy may replace the original sponsoring institution.

This will ensure that there is continuity in the enhancement of the educational development and social exposure of the children in disadvantaged. communities.

This will also give our children an opportunity to do their bit for society and play their role of social responsiveness as responsible citizens of the country.

Do you think you could get your school to adopt one of these schools in Nepal?

Write to the President of TECH Outreach, Dr. Selvamalar Ayadurai at this email –