Khazanah - TECH Outreach CSR

Women In Need applying for the Khazanah – TECH Outreach Savings & Credit funds.

Recently TECH Outreach was selected as one of the new NGOs/non-profits to receive funding from Khazanah Malaysia to undertake CSR work. TECH is specifically involved in helping abandoned, abused single mothers to help them sustain their family without relying on charity.

The funding is for MYR400,000 for 2013 and 2014 each. It is to help 150 women each year. These women will all be from the Klang Valley area during this funding period. This project is called the TECH Savings & Credit Scheme.

One of the KPIs for TECH is to recruit 75 women by 30th June, 2014.

TECH has already started its search for these women to help and the first round of interviews was conducted on 13 May 2014. The selection of women to help is being done on a community basis. This means women are selected from within a community rather than being scattered all over the city.

The process of recruiting the Women In Need, is a very challenging one as TECH members have to interview them and also make home visits of short listed candidates to validate information. The visits are done at a different time than the interviews. So the TECH members involved in the Khazanah project are truly sacrificing their off days to help this women.

As much as this exercise is challenging, the TECH members are enjoying this experience.

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