Help the victims…Donate and make a difference !

There are lots of villages, especially in the interiors needing help. Aid has been distributed but not in a planned and structured manner…some families within the same village have not received any aid.
TECH’s objective is to reach out to families who have received minimal or no aid. We have identified Kampung Bahagia in Manik Urai Estate in Kuala Kerai as one such village. 100 families needing the following items please.

Modus Operandi:
  1. Drop off the items identified below at the BU8 Office between 9am to 9pm. Please call the following persons before you come to drop off to make sure they are there to receive and record your contribution (Neinna: 012 2332985 /  Arwin: 012 6173432. /. Lakshwin ( for after 6pm drop-off): 014 330 2490. /. Murali: 016 551 4095). CUT OFF POINT FOR DROP-OFF IS 3PM ON FRIDAY 9TH JANUARY AT BU8 TECH OFFICE.
  2. Only the following items are needed:
    Infant Formula < 6 month old babies: 50
    Infant Formula 6 months to 12 months: 50
    Babies Milk for 1 to 3 years: 50
    Pampers for 1 to 6 months: 100 (any brand will do – quantity is th priority here)
    Pampers for 6 to 1/ months: 100 
    One burner gas stove : 100 (they have has tanks)
    Blankets: 200
    Pillows: 200 (with pillow cases)
    Towels: 200
    Candles:  500
    Axion: 200
    Green Scrub to scrub pots and pans and plates:  200
    Please do not give us used items, as in blankets, towels, pillows.
  3. I would prefer you to buy these items and drop them off at BU8. If you have no time to purchase and want us to help you purchase, we can. Please bank in the funds into the following TECH Bank Account and scan and whatsapp or email the banking in slip to Mano ( 012 9310706)
    Funds banked into:
    Public Bank Berhad
    Account No.: 3159059716
  4. The four wheel drive trucks will leave BU8 at 4am on Saturday 10th Jan. Hence, we need TECH Volunteers to help us pack the goods on the office and then load them onto the trucks between 3pm to 9pm on Friday 9th January. Please give me your names if you can help us with this packing. We have six four wheel drive trucks organised for this trip. I hope the guys at TECH can give us your muscle strength on Friday.
Arwin and Lakshwin were at Kuala Kerai from 2nd to 4th Jan, and the photographs below will give you an idea of the serious situation at the location. This is where we are heading towards on the 10th.
Thank you. Look forward to the required items coming in. We only have three days to complete this.
Just be aware there are many people out there who want to contribute towards the flood relief but they do not know whom to go to, or who they can trust with their funds. We are that vehicle or medium for them….to help them deliver aid to the disadvantaged communities in the East Coast.
Thank you, and as always, I know you’ll be up and about to get the items into our office by 3pm on Friday 9th Jan. Look forward to seeing you all at the office on Friday for the packing.
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