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Our Projects

Women Of Will runs projects that develop the lives of disadvantaged women in Malaysia by giving them an opportunity to be empowered and self-sufficient. These are the projects we are currently running:


Micro-Credit Financing in Klang Valley

To date Women Of Will has transformed the lives of 600 disadvantaged women in Klang Valley through micro-credit financing programs. These women have received loans and started micro-enterprises with them. Based on our Impact Study conducted in 2015, on average each woman has an increase of 30% in their household income. We continue to support our beneficiaries by coaching them and providing them with additional skills training, entrepreneurship training, networking opportunities and events where they may sell their products. In addition to helping beneficiaries develop a sustainable source of income, Women Of Will also empowers beneficiaries to use their repayment funds as a source of funding to implement their own Community Projects.


Community Projects

Micro-credit beneficiaries are given the opportunity to use their loan repayment funds to implement a community project that addresses a need in their community. To enable them to do this, they are taught skills that include Community Development, Leadership, and Project Management. Beneficiaries then work together with Women Of Will to identify a need, develop a project that addresses that need, and then implement the project. 


Agriculture Development in Keningau, Sabah

Women Of Will has been working with rural women farmers in Keningau, Sabah since 2016 focusing on developing their agriculture skills as well as entrepreneurship skills so that they may develop a sustainable source of income from their agriculture activities. The program focuses on introducing sustainable agriculture methods to farmers that include organic fertilizers and pesticides, mulching, companion planting, and other organic farming methods. In addition to that, farmers are also taught marketing skills such as financial management and supply chain management that allow them to manage their farms as a business.