Meet Puvaneswari, one of our successful Women Of Will who has worked hard for her children and who now runs a Beauty Products business that helps support her family.

Name: Puvaneswari Muniandy

Products sold: Beauty Products

Location: PPR Batu Muda, Kuala Lumpur

Puvaneswari Muniandy

Puvaneswari stands with some of her Beauty Products.

I am a Single Mother of 2 children who are still studying. I also take care of my mentally ill brother and my mother who is mentally challenged due to her old age. My husband left me 15 years ago as he and his family did not love me anymore, it was extremely tough for me but I had the strength to go through it for my 2 children who were then still very young.

I got a job as a clerk at an insurance agency as my husband had stopped providing me any money to support myself and our 2 children. He also asked me and our 2 children to move out as soon as possible. As I had no money with me I moved into my friend’s home. The work at the Insurance Agency was not easy, there were times when I had to meet clients past regular working hours and had to bring my children with me as my friend was not at home and there was no one else to help babysit them. My salary was not enough to support myself and my 2 children, when I had no other choice and had to ask my husband and my mother-in-law for help they would just ignore me.

My friend had suggested for me to sell beauty products as additional income. She helped me with the business; in the initial stages, to a point where I was spending most of my time in the business and could stop my job at the Insurance Agency which allowed me to take care of my children. After 4 years of living with my friend, my children and I moved out and started living with my mother.

With the Business Loan from Women Of Will I was able to expand and update my Beauty Products inventory and have received great support from my community of customers. I am very grateful and thankful for the opportunity given to me by Women Of Will that allowed me to develop my business.

Puvaneswari currently runs a Beauty Products business. Her profit has increased from RM1,000 to more than RM2,000 per month since receiving a Business Loan from Women Of Will. By owning her own business, Puvaneswari is able to spend more time with her children while organically growing her business into her sole source of income.