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slogan on women empowerment invest in women

Six reasons to invest in women empowerment measures

TECH Outreach focuses on investing in women in Malaysia, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The women who are beneficiaries of our programmes are specifically disadvantaged women.

Among the poster on women empowerment you find out there, I think this one succinctly captures why investing in women benefits communities and nations.

The beneficiaries of TECH’s programmes have shown improvement in these areas:

  • direct health improvement with the water filter donations in Sri Lanka
  • increased productivity among a high number in various businesses – retailing, farming, tailoring, food services
  • reduction of hunger as they are able to sustain themselves without handouts from governments or individuals
  • benefits to the family through greater relationship within families and the family remains intact

We hope that this simple poster encourages you to invest your time and money with TECH’s programmes for disadvantaged women to empower them and boost their dignity and their children’s.

Will you donate to the TECH cause? Please do so at this trusted site – Simply Giving