social entrepreneurship sri lanka

Reetama in front of her humble abode in Sri Lanka.

K. Reetamma lives at Puthiyavelarsinnakulam.  She has three children and  she came to this village from Kandy in 1974 because of the ethic problems. She, with her parents and  9 brothers and sisters cleared the forest area together.

Reetamma married Kannayam. Although she had less knowledge in education, she had a will of working hard.  Her husband was a patient and he was unable to do hard work and she was involved in the cultivation business.

She is unable to explain her tragedy that occurred during the war time.  The war made them to run away from village to village to save their lives and they struggled for about 15 years because of the war.  At that time they had only the dress that they wore.  She tried to educate her children by doing labour (coolie) work in houses.  At this time her husband was missing for about 10 years because of the war.

However she did not give up her efforts. She educated her children up to A Level, two of them got married and went separately and she was left with her 3rd daughter when she met her husband again. She then went to their village to reside there but was shocked to find that there was nothing  on their land. They could not see their house, trees, and other properties.

All were destroyed.  They made a small hut and lived there.  There was a well without proper maintenance.  They did the clearance work on the land  but the income which was earned from her small vegetable farming activity  was not enough to fulfill her needs.

She thought that it will be better to do something more with the cultivation and at this point of time she approached RWF (Rural Women Forum).

She became a member in RWF and she was a hardworking woman.  They considered her present situation and the difficulties she had met from her earlier life.

They discussed about an entrepreneurship and  her willingness to keep a cattle farm. She made a small hut for her cattle when she was given a loan of SLR35,000 (USD 268) with the help of TECH Outreach Malaysia and guidance from RWF.

She bought two goats and gradually  the numbers of goats increased.  She has also been developing her farm for 6 years and she settles her loan step by step with her income from her cultivation.  Now she has 50 poultry. Because of her hard work she is able to do some development.

She shows her gratitude to the TECH Outreach Malaysia Organization because they helped her at the correct time to develop herself.

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