sri lanka women empowerment

Shanthi in her farm in Sri Lanka,

A mother of five children, T. Shanthi came to Puthijavellarsinakkulam from Kandy in 1994.

She married Tharmalingam, a resident of that village. They started their new life in a new village.  After living for only 4 years they were displaced because of the war.  Her husband can do only labour (coolie) work.

Shanthi and her family met so many difficulties and lived among poverty and tragedies for about 15 years.

Although they went to live at their village, they had no support to maintain themselves with five children. Her husband had a habit of drinking alcohol at this displacement time.  This too gave a lot of trouble to them as she was unable to fulfill her children’s education needs.  Her eldest daughter had stopped her education.

Then Shanthi went to do labour (coolie) work leaving her other children with her first daughter.   She thought that only she could provide for her family by herself.

She was given SLR300 (USD 2.30) per day for her work. That income was not enough to manage their needs because there were 7 members in her family.  At this time conflict and small problems with her husband increased.

After some months her husband started to do some cultivation activities in the land and the children also helped their father in the evenings. As they did not have a well, it was their main obstacle for their efforts. They explained their situation and their needs to the organization called SURUKU.

After realizing Shanthi’s predicament SURUKU (employment for woman) gave her special training regarding agricultural activities.

They provided her a loan of SLR35,000 (USD268) with the help of TECH Outreach Malaysia. It was a non interest loan provided through RWF.

Then she dug a well and bought a water pump. Now she is involved eagerly in the cultivation activity.  Her husband also gives  his fullest support for her efforts and they are able to manage all their living costs and they are settling the loan from the income they earn from their small garden.

She pays her great gratitude to RWF and TECH Outreach Malaysia Organizations on behalf of her family.