On Sunday the 28th of August 2016, our Wanita Kemerdekaan bazaar took place. The event was both a celebration to mark the end of the SEDIC Training for 100 women, and a platform for the women to practice all the business skills they gained over the past 3 months.
The event was held in Rawang, Selangor, and we were delighted to have MB Raja, an MIC representative, attend the event.


The women arrived bright and early to set up their stalls for an 8am start. Within 4 tents held 11 unique stalls, where women sold all sorts of products from delicious indian food, snacks, cakes and drinks, to clothes, cosmetics, accessories and shoes.

The women were advised to sell products that they felt comfortable selling. They were split into teams of 5 to 7, and were led by a team leader. The team leader was to keep count of the sales and ensure that the stalls were being run smoothly.

We were encouraged to see that most women made very good effort in attracting customers and selling their products. They were very enthusiastic and energetic.

The bazaar ended at 2pm and 82% of the groups made a profit from their sales. Although not a huge sum of profit but they managed to cover their cost of setting up the business. The other 18% either made a loss or around RM30 to RM40, or zero profit.



Women of Will have been working alongside Socio-Economic Development of Indian Community (SEDIC) since May 2016 to train selected women in their soft skills. SEDIC’s main aim is to make an impact on the lives of Indians in the bottom 40% household income group (B40). Ms Maheshwary has selected the 100 women amongst the B40 group to be involved in this programme where they could learn and improve on their method of business especially ones that are dealing with people face to face on a daily basis. This would enable them to have a better customer service satisfaction which is key for their businesses.