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Teen Empowerment Sri Lanka

Teenagers participating in LOTUS Project conducted by TECH Outreach in Sri Lanka.

By Amaravathi Navaratnam (Head, Sri Lanka Project Leader)

From 1st to 7th August 2014, TECH Outreach’s Sri Lanka Project Team, conducted our 2nd visit of the year. It was a full calendar during the 7 days.

On this occasion, our trip activities included interventions among the children besides the usual women empowerment activities.

Women Empowerment

On this trip, we disbursed loans to an additional 32 women in Santhapuram. These loans were part of the Savinds & Credit Scheme. The first batch of 100 women received their funding in 2013.

Teen Empowerment

For the children, the focus was on teenagers. We implemented the LOTUS project. The objective of this project is to empower teenagers to become masters of their success and not to be victims of their circumstances. A Train-the-Trainer programme was conducted among 10 teachers and 19 students from Mullaithivu, Jaffna.

The training was conducted by Consultant Trainer, Ms Rupa Sivanoli over a 2-day period, with the assistance of Mr. Prakash and Jay.

The venue was the Thyiahie Charitable Trust and coordinated by TECH’s partner in Sri Lanka, Centre for Child Development.

Differently Abled Child Empowerment

We also visited the Divisional Secretary’s office in Thunnukai, Mullaitivu, where 9 differently abled children were sponsored for their education. The funds for this were from TECH’s donors. This visit included a tour of the Special Education Resource Centre.

Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable trip resulting from the interaction between TECH members and the local children and women.

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