women empowerment in sri lanka success story

Thamilchelvi at her farm in Puthiyavelarsinnakulam, Sri Lanka.


Thamilchevil is from Puthiyavelarsinnakulam. She was born as 2nd child of Mr. & Mrs. Malaiyan Vijayakumari and she has five siblings. Her father had some education and because of that the villagers gave respect to him but he did coolie work for family income. When she was 10 years her mother passed away due to cancer. So she lost her mother’s love and care in her early childhood. Her father and elder brother went to work; therefore unfortunately she had to take care of her family from the age of  10 years.

There weren’t any opportunities for education, leisure time and childish activities during her childhood. She stated that ‘‘I had to prepare food for my brothers at age 10 year’’. At that same time the war affiliated them, so their family went to India to save their lives. She adopted to live with new environment as well as sorrowful incidents. Her brother also became matured.

In this situation they came back to Sri Lanka from India and stayed at refugee camp. After few years her father couldn’t do hard work because of age. Therefore her family experienced poverty. She struggled to manage her family because her brother’s small income was only the source of her family’s income. It wasn’t enough for her family. Some days they had only one meal. It continued for some years. After few years her father passed away so they were isolated. When she faced that situation she got married and separated from her family. The poverty continued and disrupted her family life also. She became mother of three children despite being poor.

Her family resettled in Puthiyasinnakulam in 2011. They cleared big bushes and built a house to live in but her husband’s income was not enough for family’s livelihood (Food, cloths, medicine &etc.) and children’s education. At that time she had a small baby. Therefore she couldn’t go to work and faced many problems to maintain to her family. When she was struggling with life, she participated the RWF’s discussion about women’s problems. In that discussion she presented her problems.

After her request, the 2 RWF organizations were ready to support her. She had only land with bushes but she has very interested to do any job. So she participated in the employment development training programme of RWF and prepared an business plan. That Programme run with the support of  TECH OUTREACH. Her plan was centred on agriculture, therefore we accepted her plan and approved as our beneficiary.

She continually participated and showed her talents and improved her skills at our training programs. Thereafter we gave Rs.35000 without interest for women self-employment development. She used that money to dig a well, clear land and farming. She cultivated vegetables such as brinjal, beans, moong bean and land gram and selling them with the support of her husband.

She uses that income to upkeep her family and paying loan once a week and also saves Rs.200 per month. She told us that “Now I feel very happy and I can manage a little bit of family’s food security by myself from the home garden. These are not possible without your help so I’m telling thanks from my heart to TECH OUTREACH and RWF”.