women empowerment success story sri lanka

Sinnulaxmi in her farm in Sri Lanka.

Sinnulaxmi was born in Kandy with ten siblings (4 males and 6 females). She was 8th child of her family. She married Mr. Ponnaiya Sinnu, from Mattale, a rich man. They lived happily one year in Mattale after their marriage. Due to ethnic conflict they moved to Vavuniya and settled in Vilakkuvaiththakulam. When they were a young couple they did agriculture and saved properties and built a beautiful house because of their hard work and liveliness.

After eight years Sinnulaxmi gave birth to their first daughter Dilaxshana, then three years later Kayanthini was born. When her family living with very happily, displaced from Vilakkuvaithkulam and lived in a known person’s land in Kanakarayankulam due to civil war in 1997. Her third daughter Kamaleshwary was born when they were in Kanakarayankulam. There were no income opportunities in Kanakarayan kulam at that time. So she struggled to live with her three daughters, therefore she turned to her own land and did agriculture. Again she was displaced due to fear of bomb attacks and stayed  at one of the schools in Paalamooddai. The bomb attacks continued in Palamooddai and they were displaced from there and lived under trees and abounded hurts.

Again and again they were attacked with bombs. This time they got a house by temporary housing scheme project of an NGO in Mullikkulam. Where they did coolie and lived two years. That income wasn’t enough for their livelihood. So they decided to do agriculture however, because it was the only thing they know very well.

Then they cleaned two hectare forest in Kannakikulam for agriculture in 1990. When they were expecting the harvest period, the bomb attacks again continued. Therefore they forgot all their hard works, efforts, abandoned their paddy land and left from there to save their lives and stayed in Cheittikulam refugee camps for 17 months. These displacements destroyed their children’s education. At that time they were unable to go to their own land due to land mines. She said that ‘‘at that time I hate life because there is no way to go and stay with my three daughters‘’. After that they stayed at one of their relation’s house for one year. After one year her relations fought with her and told to leave their place. Because of that incident she left from that house and went to Kandy with her daughters.

In Kandy, Sinnulaxmi worked in tea estate and her daughters worked in tea factory for three years. They came to Omanthai with very happiness and new dreams, after government of Sri Lanka’s official announcement about removal of land mines from the war affected zones. They cleared their land with their savings and did a small garden. There was no water in their well because of that they couldn’t enlarge agriculture activities. When she was facing this type of situations, the RFW organization gave a loan without interest with a loan from TECH OUTREACH Malaysia.

She used that fund for cleaning the land and digging well. Now she expanded agricultural land, increasing products and sold the products with help of her husband. She maintains her family with that farming income. She gives thanks to our organization for the loan. She asked from us that ‘‘I have three daughters so I need to give a good life to them therefore I need to expand our agricultural activates. For that the well is a must but I don’t have that much of money to build it. So if you will build and give it. It will be massive support to me’’. Finally she kindly requests us to build her well.